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This review is may be big to read but it will be very helpful if you are going through the same situation. As a new parents, we had no experience with childcare. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational and close to home. It is very clean and meets all of our expectations. The staff is always greeting you with a friendly smile and makes you feel welcome. The entire team has made the transition very easy. The activities she does in class are age appropriate and engaging. Pumpkin Patch has showered with her hugs and cuddles since the day she arrived. I m writing this big review because  I had a poor experience in past. A few weeks back our daughter was attending another daycare and she cried for 2 hours on the first day and we got a call from daycare to pick her up. On the second day she cried again and we got a call with in 1 hour. She was there for 5 days and everyday her class teacher was telling “ Your daughter is not Ready Yet” . So unfortunately we had to take her out of that daycare. Luckily we found one opening in “Pumpkin Patch”. We explained everything to “Christine & Rhonda”. Both gave us hope and positivity. Really I am very very Thankful to all the staff members of this daycare.. Thank you! Thank you!. For us you are a master of early childhood program. We really appreciate your knowledge, experience and patience...- Amit Charuhary

Four years ago when we came for a tour of the Patch, little did we know at the time we would be touring a place that ended up being the perfect fit for our boys and our family. A place filled with love, kindness, understanding and fun. A place which fostered the love of learning in our children, and allowed for wonderful connections with peers and teachers for them.A place that when our family fell in crisis, surrounded us with extra love and support we are forever grateful for. A place, that was willing to fight the fight with us to ensure Henry got all that he needed for his health issues and disabilities. The Pumpkin Patch will forever hold a place in our family's hearts. And though it is time for our boys to move on, we are all forever changed for the better, because we knew you.- The Casey Family

We can't thank you enough for the amazing experience you have provided our daughter with.  She had such a great time in the classroom thanks to all of you.  As first time parents, it's a scary decision to decide where to leave your child.  We are so happy that we chose Pumpkin Patch!  We never dropped off or picked up our daughter upset.  She sincerely loved "school".  The way you all treated her and cared for her like she was your own, meant so much to us.  She really grew over the course of the time she was in your care. She went from a baby to an outgoing little girl.  We will all miss you and the center but, we will never forget her classroom experiences.  The O'Keefe Family

We can not express how thankful we are for all you  have done for our kids.  They have grown and learned so much.  We will not be strangers. -The Pickel Family

Words can not express our gratitude for the love and care you have provided these past four years.  Your dedication, love, and support has guided us throughout this amazing journey!  We could not be prouder of our daughter and we will be forever grateful for all of the hugs, kisses, laughs and steadfast commitment you have shown.  thank you for all you have done. -- The MacDonald Family

The more people that love your child, the better."Advice from my mother, who raised seven great people, when we told her she was expecting a new grandchild. This is why we chose Pumpkin Patch to care for our most precious creation. The director, Chris Rinella, loves our son.  It's obvious that she loves every child (and family) at the Patch. The Staff is well trained, but more importantly, they love the children too. The program at the Patch nurtures our son's emotional, intellectual and physical development.  He is a bright, social and cheerful little person because of the environment he spends his day in. (Often at morning at drop off I wish I could spend my day at the Patch too.) We are very pleased. I hope you will seriously consider enrolling your precious creation into this wonderful program. -The Robertson Family

Placing your children in the care of others is a scary proposition for any parent, and believe me, we worried about it night and day until we met the outstanding staff at Pumpkin Patch.  As the parents we could not have asked from a more nurturing, loving, and well rounded environment for our children’s first years of life than at the Pumpkin Patch. Even though my son is now in elementary school he just loves to come and visit all of his former teachers because they are like family to him. -The Horan Family

Choosing the right childcare is a hard but important decision. From the moment I dropped my son off at Pumpkin Patch when he was 12 weeks old, I have never once looked back and questioned my choice to send him here. It is a safe, structured, and loving place to be and it is a home away from home for both my children, who are currently enrolled in the toddler room and the three-year-old room. They are excited when I drop them off and still have a big smile on their faces when we pick them up. Chris only hires the absolute best, and everyone that works here has become our second family.  We are so lucky and thankful to have found Pumpkin Patch and we absolutely recommend them to everyone. -The Ralston Family

This letter enthusiastically recommends Pumpkin Patch Early Learning Center located in Albany, NY and owned/directed by Christine Rinella.  Pumpkin Patch has provided childcare for both of our children. Trevor, our oldest son, attended pre-school at Pumpkin Patch back in 2002-2003; he is now 14 years old.  Our youngest son, Tanner, who is 3 years old and presently attends, has been going to the center since he was 12 weeks old. The Center provides daycare in a warm, loving, family oriented, structured school-like environment. The infant room was more than I could have imagined.  With our first son I was lucky enough to stay home with him for two years. So dropping off a 12-week-old the second time around was all new to me. I was very nervous leaving my infant in the care of someone else. However, with that said, Pumpkin Patch was the only place my husband and I discussed, called or visited. Upon visiting, this time seven years later, to my surprise some of the same staff was still there.  The staff in the infant room is caring, attentive and excels at meeting your infants needs. They also have excellent communication skills and made me feel comfortable from the very first day. I did not worry at all; I knew he was being cared for, that he was loved and safe. As far as the other rooms in the center, the Toddler, Three’s and Preschool, all of the staff we have encountered through the years have been awesome. I feel the staff is devoted, fun and loving. Both of our sons developed an increased vocabulary and a specific love of learning. They developed early social skills and interact all day with their fellow “friends”. The rooms are very structured and I truly believe this more than prepares them for Kindergarten. The center is full of activities, teaching, music, dancing, sports, warmth, and joy. They offer special themed weeks and/or outside visitors offering/introducing new things to the children. They have family holiday parties and events, but most importantly the place is full of happy children.  Also, the center is a small family within itself; all of the families are friendly and respectful of each other. The Pumpkin Patch Early learning Center has provided both of our children, who are ten years apart, with the life, learning and discipline skills that are necessary to thrive as they head off to Kindergarten. I would highly recommend this center without any reservation.  -The Martin Family

As first time parents, the thought of leaving our child with anyone was a little scary but after meeting with Chris and her staff, we knew this transition would be possible. As one tours through this center, you observe clean and bright rooms, children smiling and playing, teachers being attentive, walls covered in pictures and art work, and just an all-around stimulating, safe, and fun environment that embodies what this daycare is all about. I love that even the infants get an opportunity to participate and represent themselves in this happy family by having their handprints/footprints and family pictures displayed on the walls. I also love that this daycare is small enough that it isn't overwhelming, but big enough for a child to acquire those ever-so-important socialization skills. It's been a great ten months with Pumpkin Patch. The infant room staff are polite, informative, responsible, dependable, and most importantly, very loving to our son. Our minds and hearts are at ease when our son is in their care. The daycare is exactly what we were looking for and we continue to be pleased with Chris and her staff's ongoing events at the center. I have and would recommend Pumpkin Patch to anyone seeking daycare for their child. -The Criscone Family

We want to express our appreciation to you and your staff for taking care of and educating our son over the past two and one half years.  The decision to send him to daycare, especially when he was only a few months old, was not easy.  The attentiveness of you and your staff quickly put our minds at ease!  With our departure from the Patch, we are confident that he is ready to take on whatever is in store for him...and we cannot overlook your involvement with this.  You operate a fantastic program and have an excellent management style. -Tahlia & Justin Hadley

As a parent who doesn't like change, I am very excited for the enthusiastic attitude and look forward to the many great things I know you guys will do with our children.  Even when I get a little anxious I have to step back and see that Pumpkin Patch has always been great for my children.  Thank you again for all that you do!!! -The Raymonds

I came across your website and soon realized I may have been one of your first children at the Pumpkin Patch in Cohoes, NY back in 1975. My mother is Marydale Mach and I still remember her bringing me to your building. I loved to help you vacuum! I am sure you will not remember me, but I wanted you to know that I have many wonderful memories of my time at the Pumpkin Patch! I am glad to see that you have done so well! -Tommy Mach

Our 3 kids attended Pumpkin Patch until we moved out of state. They are truly an amazing center full of kind, nurturing educators that not only care for your children but go above and beyond everyday. The first comments I received from our new daycare center was “where did your kids learn all of their amazing manors? They are so kind and are such good helpers!”....they learned it from The Patch. We miss Chris and her team but keep in contact with them regularly. Thanks you for being such a “home away from home” for our crazy kids! - Rita Ramos

We have been a part of the Patch family for over 11 years, currently with our youngest two enrolled. One of the most striking elements of experiencing the Patch is the warm, friendly, caring environment – you truly become part of the Patch family. Walking through the door, you’re greeted with a smile and it feels more like home than like an institution. It’s a welcoming atmosphere, which is wonderful for little ones.

Not only is the environment rich with kindness, but also respect and a true value of education. Each child is valued as an individual and as part of the class. Children at the Patch are taught to respect others and themselves, they are encouraged to express themselves in healthy ways, and they are always learning and playing through fun, age appropriate, engaging activities.

I am so grateful for everything the Patch offers my children, the individual needs of each child are always considered and held as important. I have a true appreciation for the wonderful teachers who put so much effort in to making sure my children are well taken care of, loved, and educated- Kim Cleveland-Mullin

The best of the best! Not corporate. Owner cares and does things in the best interest of the children. My 2 kids went and they are now 32 and 28. It is an excellent environment for your child.- Sharon O'Dea Leddick

Our daughter Paige was welcomed to the center with open arms. The class sizes are small and the kids and staff are all very loving! Each day she was there she loved being able to play with her friends and teachers each day. The center was accommodating and understanding. Thank you!- Amanda Van Deloo